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Daikin Air Conditioners

Daikin's Split and Ducted systems will air condition any area of your home. Discreet wall-mounted models, compact floor consoles, versatile floor and ceiling units, and flexible ducted systems are all part of the Daikin range.

Daikin's wall-mounted split system air conditioners are an exceptional choice for those wanting a neat unit that blends unobtrusively with its surroundings.

Combined with Super Multi and Super Multi Plus outdoor units, installation space can be reduced by connecting up to four indoor units to one outdoor unit (for Super Multi systems) and up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit (for Super Multi Plus systems).

Daikin's range of Ducted air conditioning systems provide comfort to new and existing homes. Located in the ceiling or under the floor, ducted systems can be designed to operate in two or more zones, which can be heated or cooled at different times.

  • Single Split System Airconditioners: Daikin's Split Systems are designed to bring air conditioning comfort to a room or any area of your home.
  • Multi Split System Airconditioners: A Daikin Multi Split system can air condition from two to nine rooms using only one outdoor unit.
  • Ducted Airconditioners: Daikin Ducted systems provide air conditioning comfort all year round, all around the house, to new and existing homes.

Toshiba Air Conditioners

Air conditioning in residential applications plays a fundamental role for you in well-being.

The choice of the most suitable system is one of the keys for obtaining maximised performance and optimised comfort. Air treatment, quietness and ease-of-installation of the indoor units make the residential Toshiba air conditioner range the ultimate you can desire for your own house, with guaranteed maximum energy savings.

Toshiba Residential high quality air conditioning systems are available in three different basic versions:

  • Standard - Single Split System Airconditioners: the technology of standard units is based on fix-speed operated compressors, they are available as single systems and available in cooling only or heat pump (cooling and heating) version.
  • Comfort - Multi Split System Airconditioners: The comfort class integrates the advanced hybrid-inverter technology, which guarantees energy-saving and very smooth performance due to seamless capacity control of the compressors. Comfort systems are offered as single systems in heat pump (cooling and heating) version.
  • Top class - Ducted Airconditioners: the top class among all residential units is the "Daiseikai" which gets ahead of all other existing models. Greatest energy savings and perfect air filter systems for optimising the indoor air quality guarantee highest comfort